Teeth aren’t bottle openers!

A great article from the Illawarra Mercury:

Wollongong dentist suggests you stop doing that

It’s Dental Health Week and, along with daily brushing and flossing, Wollongong orthodontist Shane Fryer is urging people to stop using their teeth to open drink bottles, tear off price tags, crunch on ice cubes and more.

Habits such as these, as well as an increase in lip and tongue piercings, are leading to more chipped and broken teeth and damaged gums as well as swelling and nerve damage according to Dr Fryer, former president of the Australian Dental Association.

Meanwhile booze, smokes, drugs and oral sex were also causing major dental damage, and increasing people’s risk of oral cancer.

“That’s why the Dental Health Week campaign this year moves outside the traditional messages, like ‘brush your teeth and don’t eat too much sugar and all your problems will be solved’,” Dr Fryer said.

“We’re taking a broad brush approach that you need to maintain good oral health overall, and there’s a range of ways you can do that.

“You not only need to look at what you eat and drink, you need to think about how you use your teeth, what piercings you have and what your personal habits are.”

Dr Fryer said dentists often saw the damage caused from patients eating the wrong things – like ice or popcorn kernels or using them in place of bottle openers or scissors.

“Our teeth aren’t tools – we need to treat them with respect,” he said.

“We just need to think before we do silly things like opening drink bottles with our teeth or biting into something hard.

“Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body – but it’s not indestructible.”

Mouth piercings often caused damage to teeth and gums.

In severe cases, nerve damage from piercings could affect facial movement or even result in permanent numbness, speech impediments and loss of taste.

“If you have lip or tongue piercings, then you need to go to the dentist on a regular basis,” he said.

Dr Fryer said people also needed to be aware that activities like oral sex, heavy drinking and smoking could increase the risk of oral cancer.

“Most people are aware of the general health risks posed by excessive smoking and drinking, or unprotected oral sex, but most don’t realise these behaviours can damage your teeth, gums or mouth,” he said.

Soft drinks or energy drinks were another concern, due to the high sugar/acidity levels.


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Sleep Dentistry

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Do you fear going to the dentist? Well fear no more it’s now so easy you can now do it in your sleep! Here at East Bentleigh Dental Group we have qualified staff specialising in sleep dentistry right here in our rooms. You can be confident that our team are up to date with the highest professional training. So just lay back and enjoy your relaxing nap, waking with no memory of the treatment.

With an in house anaesthetist and the most competitive prices going around, there is no need to hesitate.

To make an appointment or just to find out more about our sleep dentistry service call our friendly and helpful staff today 03 9575 1100

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Introducing Dr. Sole Bellamy


We have some very exciting news!


Dr. Sole Bellamy with her 17 years experience has joined our fantastic team at East Bentleigh Dental Group.



Dr. Bellamy is married and a mother of three boys, she understands the need for offering high quality and affordable family dentistry for all ages, with a special attention to achieve the best aesthetics results, so patients can smile with confidence.



For the last 7 years Dr Bellamy has been working in private practices across Melbourne. Her main areas of interest are restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and wisdom teeth surgery. With a wealth of experience in both adult and children’s dentistry over the past 17 years Sole brings a positive personality and kind approach making patients feel very comfortable under her care.


Sole is aware of the speed of progress and changes in dentistry, therefore she believes that continuous education and professional development is paramount to offering patients the latest techniques developed for dental care.


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Harry Marget – Dentist Business Hero

With over 38 years experience in the business of dentistry and a following of an ever increasing number of happy customers, Dr. Marget is a true Dentist Business Hero. And what makes Dr Marget a business hero? It’s his ability to recognise the importance of flexibility, with online consultations that are custom designed to your practice, to suit your staff, and your own personal needs.


It’s in the way he embraces the modern world and connects digitally. Online consultations are directed via Skype so that there is still a personal platform in real time. Dr Marget also actively engages in social media on both a personal and business level keeping his clients up to date and engaged, and encourages all to use these tools to their advantage.


It’s his forward thinking and ability to help set long term goals that is an invaluable tool in building a business and watching it grow.


Dr Marget realises that people are arguably the most important company asset and developing staff is crucial to success. He see’s that there are no limits only goals to aim for and is there to help you reach them.


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Well done East Bentleigh Dental Group!


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Do you want to save 40% off your dental costs??

Smile is Australia’s first dental plan and offers members savings of up to 40% off their dental fees on every treatment available. Joining starts from just $59.95 a year. Smile is not insurance so our members are not paying monthly insurance premiums and are not restricted by waiting periods, benefit limits, treatment exclusions and pre-existing condition exclusions.

Dental plans have existed overseas for decades with over 100 million members in the United States alone and is now in Australia with the recent launch of smile.com.au.

Head on over to the website, signing up only takes 2 minutes!


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Pamper mum this mother’s day

Nothing is more precious to a mother than that first smile from her child and the millions that follow for years to come. So why not return that gift by giving your mum a sparkling smile this mother’s day. Bring mum in to East Bentleigh Dental Group for a professional clean or teeth whitening and have a treatment done yourself so that you can give her yet another great smile.

Call and book in today 03 9575 1100

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