How can Invisalign Teen help me?

Are your teeth settling into a position that seems:

• Overcrowded?
• Too widely spaced?
• Crossed?
• With an Overbite?
• With an Underbite?

Invisalign Teen treatment is the revolutionary treatment in straightening out crooked or misaligned teeth with an invisible brace, for improved appearance, health and overall function in your mouth.

It can be a pretty unpleasant experience having to put up with teeth that don’t look and feel the way you want them to. Especially when they make you feel embarrassed about laughing or smiling with your mates; and those photo’s where you always try and keep your mouth closed – that’s just not how you want to look every time.

Invisalign Teen invisible braces have the perfect solution to sorting out your teeth, without the added grief of having to wear the alternative, ugly metal braces. They’re also different to the adult versions as they allow for your adult molars that are still growing.

The pros?

First of all the Invisalign Teen brace is completely clear, which makes it virtually impossible to see – meaning you can feel uninhibited throughout your treatment, whether you’re at school, college or going to the movies with your friends.

Secondly, they can be removed so that you can keep your mouth in optimum hygienic condition with proper brushing and flossing – no more worries about stains and potential trapped food in difficult places.

Thirdly, they’re way more comfortable than the metal wires and brackets that can rub and ulcerate your mouth, plus you don’t need to wear the bands that metal braces have either.

On top of all this, your teeth are effectively straightened to their desired position over the period of around a year and, all the while nobody need know that you’re even undergoing treatment – unless you tell them! The only thing they will notice is that, with you increased comfort and confidence, you’ll be smiling and laughing a whole lot more than before, and your teeth will be able to shine off your personality without you worrying about who might see.

Dr Harry Marget is a Platinum Level Invisalign Provider, the highest possible accreditation for this procedure. If you would like to contact him to find out more about invisagn and you please follow the links below.

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