Noble Dentist Program

At East Bentleigh Dental Group we have two doctors who are members of the Noble Dentist Program.

That’s all well and good to tell you, but what if like many people, you have never even heard of the Noble Dentist Program?

Well, that’s why this blog post is dedicated to educating you about the program, why it is important that EBDG has two members and how it can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Here’s some information taken from the Noble Dentist website[1];

What is NobleDentist?

NobleDentist is a dental plan you join to receive great dental care and reduced dental fees. Dental plans have existed overseas for decades with over 100 million members in the United States alone. You can receive any dental treatment immediately.

How do I save money?

You simply join and visit a participating dentist [such as East Bentleigh Dental Group]. Your dental fees are then reduced at the completion of each appointment. Participating dentists are happy to reduce their dental fees because they too are benefiting by receiving new patients and rewarding patient loyalty.

As it says, the program rewards members with discounted dental fees and provides an incentive for participating dentists in the way of new and loyal customers.

The program has had a fantastic response, here is what some members have had to say[2];

“I’m so glad I took a membership with NobleDentist!I attended a participating dentist and received wonderful care. My old dentist wanted $1300 for a veneer. With NobleDentist I’m saving $500 on my first procedure. Great Value.”

“NobleDentist’s promise to save money is 100% true! I was quoted $1000+ for the removal of my wisdom teeth BUT with NobleDentist the cost was cut by more than 50%!”

“I was not aware of NobleDentist until searching the internet for dental insurance. At first I thought that the price could not be correct for a family membership and doubted how I would save any money. I was suprised! I joined online, went to the dentist and saved almost double what it cost the membership for a year. Thank you NobleDentist, you rock!”

Dr Harry Marget and Dr Alex Maer are both members of the Noble Dentist Program. They are the only two providers of this service at East Bentleigh Dental Group.

Join the program then book in to see one of our providers at East Bentleigh Dental Group today. You will receive great service at a fantastic price


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