Kids, sweets & overall health

It is no secret that unhealthy snacks are a big cause of childhood obesity, and everyone knows that eating too many sweets will rot your teeth. But the link between oral health and overall health are much more intertwined then you might realise.

In an article written for Dr Palmer,  EdD, RD and professor of general dentistry at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine explains…”When children watch a lot of TV, they tend to snack more frequently, particularly on foods that are high in fat and/or sugar…This not only increases their overall caloric intake, which we know can lead to obesity, but it also increases their risk of developing tooth decay because the amount of time food is in contact with the teeth increases”

In a recent post on the Australian Dental Association website, it states that 84% of consumers believe children should be protected from unhealthy food advertising.

Watching what your children eat is very important. However ensuring they have access to regular dental care is vital also. At EBDG we pride ourselves on how we interact with children and our ability to ensure they overcome their fear of the dentist. As shown here…

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