what the average patient wants!

most of our new patients  which we welcome  say ,” i want  to get my teeth  fixed , i do not want to feel what you are doing , i  want to be able to afford it , and can i pay it off !

answer  yes to all the above.

moreover , we offer people choices , like  if you needa crown , do you want  high tech, low tech or budget ?

we also  like to offer people the chance to compare prices ,in fact we encourage it , so if you have a qoute and you want to see if we can match it call us up  happy to oblidge  and there is no charge

call 95751100 ask for the ” 2min  free cost analayis ”

good teeth  great smile  no pain , just a step away..cost comparison dental care


About ebdentalgroup

Director & Dentist of East Bentleigh Dental Group
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