We Stop Bad Breath!

Bad Breath is a simple metabolic equation. Bacteria break down proteins and release smelly sulphur waste.

Proteins found in coatings of the mouth and in our diets exacerbate bad breath as does the natural bacterial mix in your mouth.

So treating Bad Breath is about eliminating coatings from the mouth and throat that contain proteins, reducing certain proteins in our diet and finally establishing a good mix of bacteria that do not turn proteins into smelly waste products.

Stopping Bad Breath

There are two ways you can go about stopping bad breath:

1. Treatment Programs are available such our KForce Treatment Program . The kit also contains our lifestyle guide that has our daily recommendations for control of Bad Breath.

2. Breath Clinic Visit . The visit is a one hour consultation. During this time we conduct an Oral-Chroma which allows us to measure up to 50 different gases in the mouth. Out of these 50 we are interested in the three main bad breath gases. If we identify these we can easily remedy the issue.

Fresh Breath Products

KForce, Balance and Breeze Products  offer a complete system of clinically proven products and lifestyle solutions to tackle the problem of bad breath. This Bad Breath Recovery Program is unique and patented, and not available anywhere else in the world. East Bentleigh Dental Group is the only other clinic in Australia licensed to use these products.

Treatment at East Bentleigh Dental Group

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East Bentleigh Dental Practice is dedicated to overcoming the trauma that can be associated with Bad Breath.

Dr Marget is based in Melbourne, although patients often travel many miles from all around Australia to see Dr Marget at the East Bentleigh Dental Group clinic. A visit to East Bentleigh Dental Group is a step to finally eradicating a Bad Breath problem, which our patients tell us, can totally ruin a life.

If you would like to know more about any of the Fresh Breath remedies described here and how to combat oral health issues, please contact us now for a consultation. East Bentleigh Dental Group is focused on giving you the best possible result.

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Director & Dentist of East Bentleigh Dental Group
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