If you have more than a fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist, you could be suffering from Dental Phobia!

Are you petrified of going to the dentist? To the point where it makes you feel ill? Well you’re not alone, many people suffer from dental phobia.

Dental phobia can be caused by–pain,– feelings of loss of control, – embarrassment, – a negative past experience

Patients suffering from dental phobia have a high risk of periodontal disease, even tooth loss.  As they have put off their routine dental visits for years sometimes decades.

Here at EBDG we can work with you to manage your Dental Phobia by providing a range of sedation options.

One of our most popular solutions is Sleep Dentistry. We find this works well for patients that suffer from Dental Phobia for a number of reasons.

  1. It reduces the number of visits to the dental surgery.

 2. Treatment is done while the patient is under a twilight sleep.

  1. No memory of the dental treatment.

  2. Is conveniently provided at our rooms.

So give us a call at East Bentleigh Dental Group today and let us help allay your fears .


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Director & Dentist of East Bentleigh Dental Group
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